Can you help us?

22 February 2019

Over the past year we have reached a stage whereby we have enough volunteer leaders and permits to take our own members camping without the need for joining with other Groups to use their permits or equipment.

This is a great achievement and a credit to all of our leaders for the hundreds of hours they dedicate to the Group.  However we now face a new challenge…we need kit to be able to run our own camps.

Below is a list of the basic equipment that we need to run a Group camp for 25 of our youth members.  

Are you able to donate any of these items?

Do you know a company who would be willing to sponsor some of these items?  

If you’ve answered yes please get in touch with us.

Thank you.

• Sharp kitchen knives x 2 

• Bread knife

• gas urn

• Veg peeler x 4

• Cheese grater

• Measuring jug

• Jerry can for drinking water x 2 

• Jugs for juice x 3

• Billies x 2

• Large frying pan

• Medium frying pan

• Fire gloves

• Tongs x 2

• Spatula x 2

• Serving spoon x 4

• Ladle x 2

• Colander x 2

• Masher 

• Basin x 4

• Drying racks

• Club Hammer

• 70l+Cool box 

• Large First Aid kit

• Chafing Dish Set

• Wooden tables for cooking on

• Benches

• Double gas burner

• Cutlery

• Plates and dishes

• General storage containers