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Badge of the Term

The Badge of the Term is a way of gaining badges that wouldn’t normally be completed on a normal meeting night, and can use activities done outside of Beavers. Not all Beavers will want to take part every term, entering is purely voluntary for any interested Beavers. Normally they require a short 5 minute presentation or bringing in some items to show to the whole group or a few leaders.

Summer 2017

Swimmer Stage 1
How to earn the badge


  1. Learn the general safety rules for swimming (such as not diving into shallow water or not swimming on your own) and where it is safe to swim locally.
  2. Show you know how to prepare for exercises such as taking part in a warm up.
  3. Demonstrate a controlled entry, without using the steps, into at least 1.5 metres of water.
  4. Swim 10 metres on your front.
  5. Tread water for 30 seconds in a vertical position.
  6. Using a buoyancy aid, float still in the water for 30 seconds.
  7. Demonstrate your ability to retrieve an object from chest-deep water.
  8. Perform a push and glide on both your front and back.
  9. Swim 25 metres without stopping.
  10. Take part in an organised swimming activity.

Please feel free to share photos and progress via email or on our Beaver Scout Parents Facebook page.

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