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We operate a Facebook group for each section to allow us to post updates and reminders in addition to our email, it also allows parents to easily communicate with each other and our leadership team.

If you are a parent/guardian you can request to join the group(s) relevant to your child(ren)

Beavers – 3rd Crofton Park Beaver Colony

Cubs – 3rd Crofton Park Cub Pack

Scouts – 3rd Crofton Park Scout Troop

We also have a public page – 3rd Crofton Park Scout Group

Parent Commitments

The Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers offering fun and new experiences to the Young People in the Crofton Park area. Though we appreciate that Scouting is the Young Person’s hobby, parents/guardians do have several commitments which must be seriously considered:

Weekly Parent support (rota)

  • Beavers / Cubs
    • The parent rota is compulsory in Beavers and Cubs sections. Will will send out a newsletter at the start of every term listing the programme and who is on the rota.
    • If you are on-rota you must ensure you provide cover – this is vital for the running of the evening. If you cannot attend for any reason, then please arrange a swap with another parent, and let us know. We appreciate some people may need to bring younger children – this is normally fine, just warn us in advance so we can try think how to involve them.
    • We appreciate some evenings the rota might involve a lot of standing around, but it’s important for extra cover in the event of a problem. However, if you get involved with the Young People and join a team then it can be good fun! Families usually only need to do the rota 2-3 times a year, you’ll be surprised as to how much you will enjoy it!
    • The only exception to the weekly rota is parents who are Leaders involved with other Sections in the Group.
  • Scouts
    • We don’t operate a regular rota at this section, as we don’t feel an average teenager will appreciate it. However, this is not to say that we don’t need support. It is very challenging producing ideas every week, so we will sometimes ask for help covering certain weeks and we expect an honest response of availability from everyone, rather than it falling to the same few.

A parent/guardian supporting the Group as listed above is a condition of joining the Group. We are not asking for much here, so please embrace and support us in providing good Scouting for your child.


Please ensure your child(ren) are dropped-off safely every week. For Beavers and Cubs, please ensure they are personally delivered to the hall and make sure that there are at least 2 leaders/adults present supporting that evening’s session before leaving them.


By Scout age they have a bit more flexibility, and you may wish for your child to travel to and from events on their own.  If this is this case please ensure that the Leaders know that you are allowing this.


Uniform and the respect our Young Members show the uniform is important to the Scout Group. Please ensure the relevant uniform is worn unless stated otherwise, and neckers are correctly rolled (at least three stripes).  Replacement neckers and woggles are available to buy from the Scout Group. If the necker is lost it needs to be replaced at a cost of £4.50 or £5.00 with a woggle.

Payments and bookings

An important part of our programme are the extra events we put on, the Leaders love seeing a good turn-out. However, it is exhausting chasing for forms and money. We would much rather be organising events than endlessly nagging! Please return forms promptly accompanied by payments.

If you do pay by cash for anything, please ensure it is in an envelope with the Young Person’s name on it, and reason for the payment.


Please note as of April 2018 the payments are under review – more information will be given out on section nights.

We have four deadlines for subscriptions:

£32 due by 30th January.
£32 due by 30th April.
£32 due by 30th September.
£32 due by 30th November (HQ Membership Payment).

The subscriptions cover the costs of renting the meeting areas as well as expenses like, insurance, badges and materials for activities carried out on a weekday evening. Some other activities such as camps, may incur additional costs.

Payment can be made via BACS or by cheque to “3rd Crofton Park Scout Group”. 

Please ensure payment is made by the deadlines. If subscriptions are outstanding after the deadlines we will have to prevent your child from participating in weekly meetings until payment has been made. Should the payment not have been made 3 weeks after the deadline we will offer the place to someone on our waiting lists.

If at any point paying for subscriptions, or for activities, becomes an issue please speak to one of the Group’s Leadership team. Finances are not a barrier to Scouting.

Medical details

The Leaders must be notified immediately if any Young People develop medical matters that might arise at Scouts (whether diagnosed or under investigation). All information will be treated with the strictest of confidence.


Families are responsible for transporting your Young Person to/from events. You may however like to reach out to the other parents to share lifts to/from events to minimise travel time and costs. Please do this yourselves at the start/end of meetings, as the Leaders cannot take on the responsibility of coordinating lifts too.

Your availability during events

Whilst we are very happy to look after the Young People in our charge, you (or your designated emergency contact) must be available to collect them if we are unhappy with their behaviour, or in an emergency (e.g. sickness or event being cancelled). During weeknight meetings this is within 15 minutes. During an event it is usually within an hour. So, we appreciate families may want to enjoy the free time while Young People are in our care, but please ensure you are contactable and available.

Help on events

We frequently require help on evening/weekend events, as we need the right adult to child ratios for safety reasons. We will announce when help is required so please let us know if you’re available.

Your contact details

The Leaders must be kept up-to-date of your contact details. So, if you move, change your email address or phone number, let us know immediately.


A large part of Scouting is the participation and the achievement, and we award badges when Young People have achieved targets. We usually do this termly, because if they go out weekly then they tend to get lost. It is important that badges are sewn on within a fortnight of being awarded. Lost badges will have to be paid for.

Planned absences

We sometimes have to buy a lot of supplies or equipment for meetings, which can get very wasteful if we discover there’s a clash with a school event on the same evening. Please let us know if you have a planned absence, such as holiday or school trip.

Share your hobbies and help run a session

Everyone has hobbies, and these can be shared with the Young People. The Leaders need to think of activities every single week, so we really do need occasional parents to come in and help out – you’d be amazed… Do you have skills in first aid, cooking, teambuilding skills, sports, cycle repairs something more unique, we would love to have you down for a session.

Parent representatives

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for running the Group, and it is important that each section has a parent representative on the Committee. We would appreciate it if each family would at least consider doing this role for one year of their Child’s involvement in the Group. It is typically 3-4 meetings per year, with a little follow-up work/research depending on any matters that arise.

Safe clothing

We usually provide clothing advice before adventurous activities. Please ensure it’s followed, and common-sense is applied… e.g. Strong walking shoes or hiking boots must be worn for a weekend hike, not plimsolls or wellington boots!


Privacy Policy

Get involved!

We must also point out that there are many ways for adults to get involved in Scouting – many Leaders once had children in the Group, and enjoyed it so much that they stayed on! Even if you can only help out once every couple of months your help would be very much appreciated.

Scout Sections:

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